The dream of Rishan was to build a maternity clinic in her village Kelat. The construction began in 2009, the maternity was operational in 2010. The inauguration took place in attendance of many inhabitants of the region and got the attention of the local authorities and the national media.
A medical staff of three provides now the medical assistance: for many mothers and children, real medical care* involving childbirth now has become available in a vast and difficult accessible area.
*(prenatal and postnatal care, childhood immunizations, hygiene-related education, prevention and awareness)

Subsequently, in 2012 an adjacent medical training center was build.


At the moment we provide our support to the construction of a number of schools in remote villages. Many children will thus facilitate the necessary basic education. This is an important factor for a better future.


Apart from these projects, we are also working on the construction of wells and improve the power supply.

The coming of our projects has improved the accessibility of the region immensely. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that these projects are sustainable for the benefit of the local population.