Our organisation
Our organisation 'Ethiopiƫ "ik wil leven"' (Ethiopia, I want life!) has originated because of the initiative and perseverance of our honorary chairman, Mrs. Rishan Kahsay, who, after living and working many years in Otegem, Belgium, wanted to offer an answer to the needs of her native region, Tigray, situated in the north of Ethiopia, close to the Erithrean border.

A dynamic group of enthousiastic people have supported Rishan and helped her create this organisation in 2005.

Since then, several projects have been initiated and completed, with the financial support of many generous people, companies and local organisations.

Vzw Ethiopiƫ "ik wil leven" is alive and kicking. Many people with diverse training, experience it as a personal enrichment to be able to contribute to sustainable development aid.